Why Process Mining and RPA Work Best When Deployed In Tandem

[ad_1] Companies are keen to embrace emerging technologies like RPA but lack the expertise to do so efficiently. This article explores how process mining and RPA can help analyze operational data, unearth insights for decision-making, and help achieve digital transformation. Process mining tools have recently become prominent due to ongoing investment in the sector. Even … Read more

Finding the right RPA partner for your organization

[ad_1] Electronic health records (EHRs) are now commonplace throughout medical facilities, as they provide a centralized database to create, access, store and share patient information. Key to EHR functionality is interoperability – easy, fast, and secure data exchange and communication among systems and applications, front and back office, administrative and clinical, across the healthcare enterprise. … Read more

The Truth about RPA Citizen Development within Banking

[ad_1] With access to low code applications, anyone can build automations within a bank, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should. Citizen development has been a pervasively discussed topic within the banking process automation space, given the linear focus of banks to scale automation programs. Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the industry’s most … Read more

RPA for internal audit and financial services

[ad_1] The world of internal audit continues to advance. In recent years, audit teams have increasingly used data analytics and cloud technologies to increase efficiency and improve assurance. Now, emerging technologies like AI and robotic process automation (RPA) are further making their way into internal audit. It’s still early days, but the trend toward automation … Read more

Automation Anywhere acquires FortressIQ to boost process

[ad_1] Were you unable to attend Transform 2022? Check out all of the summit sessions in our on-demand library now! Watch here. Robotic process automation (RPA) company Automation Anywhere announced today that it’s entered into a definitive agreement to acquire FortressIQ, a startup developing automatic process discovery and mining technologies. With this acquisition of FortressIQ, … Read more

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