SAP Intelligent RPA , SAP Workflow Management Integration

[ad_1] Previewed during the TechEd2021, SAP Process Automation merges the capabilities of SAP iRPA (intelligent robotic process automation) and SAP Workflow Management to provide end-to-end automation capabilities to equip citizen developers in improving and innovating business processes. The burgeoning hyper-automation market is forecast by Gartner to reach about $860 billion with a 12.3% compounded annual … Read more

SAP Process Automation offers low-code RPA, workflow tool

[ad_1] SAP is fusing two existing tools into one product aimed at business process automation, one of the key tenets for digital transformation. SAP Process Automation combines SAP Workflow Management, which launched in 2009 to digitize workflows, and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which came out in 2018 to automate workflows, into one package. … Read more

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