RPA advantages for digital business transformation

[ad_1] By Alexandr Khomich Digital transformation and RPA Digital transformation has become synonymous with development and success. Digitalization helps companies to serve their customers better, work more efficiently and gain a prerogative over competitors. To update the format of work, one needs the right technology. One of them is robotic process automation (RPA). Let’s consider … Read more

How RPA and AI Are Lending New Helping Hands to Your Contact

[ad_1]   PHOTO: Clay Banks on Unsplash The last two years presented huge challenges for companies looking to improve their customer experience. Contact centers have faced a dramatic increase in interaction volume across both traditional channels like phone calls and email as well as emerging channels essential to an omnichannel strategy — things like social … Read more

Robotics-Assisted Surgery – Five Predictions for 2022

[ad_1] Asensus Surgical CEO Anthony Fernando extrapolates from current trends, and provides insights into the future of robotics-assisted surgery, digitized surgery and telesurgery. By Anthony Fernando | January 24, 2022 Listen to this article There’s been much discussion regarding robotics-assisted surgery, digitized surgery and telesurgery, including much to be celebrated. For example, new forms of … Read more

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