RPA Technology

RPA solution enable oraganisation to automate business processes rapidly.

Utilizes intelligent robots mentioned as virtual workforce who can interact with software programs like ERP systems, databases other business applications .

Allow organizations to automate task like a human’s being was doing them across application and systems. Robotic automation interacts with the prevailing IT architecture with no complex system integration required.


Why does a RPA project cost so much?

On the cost side, there are four major categories to consider:

  • The cost of the automation tool
  • The extra cost of infrastructure
  • The cost of development
  • The cost of monitoring and maintenance
What is the timeline for the RPA project?

RPA Proof of Concept: A quick 30 day PoC on a selected process to validate the applicability of RPA.

RPA Piloting : 10 to 12 weeks

Pilot test of additional processes with a parallel set-up of governance & roll-out planning.

RPA Roll-out of the Robotics Factory for all relevant business processes and handover to the customer.

What is the total budget for RPA Project?

Many clients are looking for cookie-cutter answers concerning the ROI of an RPA project. Of course we, as vendors, would be happy to oblige with simplistic and flattering answers.

With the annual cost of robot license being — counting on the situation and therefore the job profile — 2 to fifteen times less than that of an FTE while theoretically covering the work of 5 FTEs, justifying the ROI of an RPA deployment seems easy, right.

How is RPA project initiated?

What Process Should I Automate?
1) Highly manual and repetitive processe.
2) Rule-Based Processes
3) Low Exception rate
4) High Volumes repetitive task
5) Mature and Stable Process


70% Increase in productivity

73% Respondent

80% Increase in Upsell and Cross Sell

100% Increase In Accuracy 

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75% reduce in manual or paper work