AI & RPA can assist NBFCs with quick decision-making

[ad_1] In an interview with TechGraph, Sanjay Sharma, Managing Director of Aye Finance said, “Technologies like AI and RPA can also assist NBFCs with quick decision-making.” Read the full interview: TechGraph: Could you help explain how far Aye Finance has come since its existence? From when it began to where it is now? – Advertisement … Read more

Quantum Computing Is Even More Dangerous Than Artificial

[ad_1] Today’s artificial intelligence is as self-aware as a paper clip. Despite the hype—such as a Google engineer’s bizarre claim that his company’s AI system had “come to life” and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweet predicting that computers will have human intelligence by 2029—the technology still fails at simple everyday tasks. That includes driving vehicles, … Read more

SAP Process Mining and RPA

[ad_1] Process Mining and RPA: A Gold Rush? SAP has been acquiring process mining startups to improve capabilities in workflow management and automation for some years. This week IgniteSAP will be asking the question: why is SAP investing in process mining? The short answer is that process mining, in conjunction with workflow management and RPA, … Read more

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