Feed3 Is Revolutionizing The Cryptocurrency Industry – How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Blockchain Technology

Feed3 Is Revolutionizing The Cryptocurrency Industry – How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Blockchain Technology by Industry Trends October 2, 2022 From our imagination to on-screen spectacle to reality – artificial intelligence (AI) is the future. No matter how scary it may seem, AI is here to stay. Only in its early stages, artificial intelligence has … Read more

An introduction to IoT logging types and practices

Admins who oversee IoT devices use logging software to yield insights about device performance. The goal of using IoT logging software and devices is to ensure efficient, effective and safe operations. Logging is a way for IT administrators who manage IoT deployments to use any collected data to gauge how the IoT deployments are running. … Read more

Why Process Mining and RPA Work Best When Deployed In Tandem

Companies are keen to embrace emerging technologies like RPA but lack the expertise to do so efficiently. This article explores how process mining and RPA can help analyze operational data, unearth insights for decision-making, and help achieve digital transformation. Process mining tools have recently become prominent due to ongoing investment in the sector. Even though … Read more

Automation Anywhere acquires FortressIQ to boost process

Were you unable to attend Transform 2022? Check out all of the summit sessions in our on-demand library now! Watch here. Robotic process automation (RPA) company Automation Anywhere announced today that it’s entered into a definitive agreement to acquire FortressIQ, a startup developing automatic process discovery and mining technologies. With this acquisition of FortressIQ, Automation … Read more

Quantum Computing Is Even More Dangerous Than Artificial

Today’s artificial intelligence is as self-aware as a paper clip. Despite the hype—such as a Google engineer’s bizarre claim that his company’s AI system had “come to life” and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweet predicting that computers will have human intelligence by 2029—the technology still fails at simple everyday tasks. That includes driving vehicles, especially … Read more

SAP Process Mining and RPA

Process Mining and RPA: A Gold Rush? SAP has been acquiring process mining startups to improve capabilities in workflow management and automation for some years. This week IgniteSAP will be asking the question: why is SAP investing in process mining? The short answer is that process mining, in conjunction with workflow management and RPA, can … Read more

Could Process Mining Be Bigger Than RPA (Robotic Process

Science formula and math equation abstract background. Concept of machine learning and artificial … [+] intelligence. Getty Eight years ago in Germany, three college friends – Bastian Nominacher, Alexander Rinke and Martin Klenk – started Celonis with 12,500 euros. They saw an opportunity to leverage process mining to transform the operations of large companies. From … Read more

Process mining software pulls back curtains on how processes

Process mining software is an emerging market segment that promises to be valuable for organizations that want to improve efficiency and automate processes. Process mining software helps organizations understand the inner workings of business processes that involve multiple steps and transactions, like order-to-cash. Process mining software can identify bottlenecks or where processes can be automated. … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in IoT Market Outlook 2022 And Grow

Artificial Intelligence in the IoT Market Study by “Verified Market Reports” provides details about the market dynamics affecting the Artificial Intelligence in IoT market, Market scope, Market segmentation and overlays shadow upon the leading market players highlighting the favorable competitive landscape and trends prevailing over the years. This Artificial Intelligence in IoT market report provides … Read more

Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications Applications

This report studies the Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications Applications Market with many aspects of the industry like the market size, market status, market trends and forecast, the report also provides brief information of the competitors and the specific growth opportunities with key market drivers. Find the complete Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications Applications Market analysis segmented … Read more

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