Call for Presentations Open for Robotics Summit 2023

[ad_1] The robotics sector’s “must attend” technical design and development event for producers of commercial class robotics systems returns to Boston in May 2023 with deepened coverage, an expanded expo floor, and once again co-locates with the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum. By RBR Staff | October 25, 2022 Listen to this article WTWH Media invites … Read more

Reprogrammable materials selectively self-assemble – Robohub

[ad_1] With just a random disturbance that energizes the cubes, they selectively self-assemble into a larger block. Photos courtesy of MIT CSAIL. By Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL While automated manufacturing is ubiquitous today, it was once a nascent field birthed by inventors such as Oliver Evans, who is credited with creating the first fully … Read more

How Online Platforms Have Changed Gaming

[ad_1] The number of active computer game players is steadily growing. This is due not only to the growth of the industry that produces a wide selection of exciting computer games. Spreading of gaming practices is also connected with facilitating access to the best series of them. An important contribution to the accessibility of computer … Read more

New walking robot design could revolutionize how we build things in space

[ad_1] Image: By Suzanna Burgelman, Frontiers science writer Researchers have designed a state-of-the-art walking robot that could revolutionize large construction projects in space. They tested the feasibility of the robot for the in-space assembly of a 25m Large Aperture Space Telescope. They present their findings in Frontiers in Robotics and AI. A scaled-down prototype … Read more

Study Shows US Drivers Believe Partially Automated Vehicles Are Fully Self-Driving

[ad_1] US drivers may be treating their partially-autonomous vehicles as fully self-driving, according to a new study. Research shows that owners of advanced systems, such as General Motors’ Super Cruise or Tesla’s Autopilot, believe that these technologies have more capabilities than they actually do. Academics are concerned that such findings could lead to more unnecessary … Read more

A Quick Guide to Financial Process Automation with Machine Learning

[ad_1] By Yevhen Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect at MobiDev Fintech startups are flourishing since our lives shifted to an online format. Statista reveals that as of November 2021, there were 10,755 startups in the Americas alone. This number is still growing in 2022, and that’s why traditional financial companies encounter difficulties trying to withstand competition … Read more

Discover what it takes to become a Remote Data Engineer

[ad_1] A remote data engineer is a professional who works with data engineering systems and tools to help organizations store, process, and analyze data. In many cases, as a remote data engineer, you will be required to work with large-scale data sets that are too complex or too expensive to process using traditional means. As … Read more

RoboBusiness & Field Robotics Engineering Forum Preview

[ad_1] In Episode 93 of The Robot Report Podcast, Steve Crowe, Mike Oitzman and Dan Kara review the upcoming RoboBusiness Conference & Expo and the Field Robotics Engineering Forum, highlighting the robotics luminaries speaking at the event. By RBR Staff | October 4, 2022 Welcome to Episode 93 of The Robot Report Podcast, where each … Read more

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