The performance of artificial intelligence supported Thoracic CT to evaluate the radiologic improvement in patients with COVID‐19 pneumonia: comparision pirfenidon vs. corticosteroid – Acat – – International Journal of Clinical Practice


Our objective was to research the impact of short-term pirfenidone remedy on extended COVID-19 pneumonia.


The hospital data of sufferers admitted to hospital with a analysis of important COVID-19 pneumonia between November 2020 and March 2021 have been retrospectively reviewed. Chest computed tomography scans taken each earlier than remedy and a pair of months after remedy, demographics, and laboratory parameters of sufferers who acquired pirfenidone + methylprednisolone (n = 13) and methylprednisolone solely (n = 9) had been recorded. Pulmonary operate exams had been carried out after the second month of remedy. The CT participation charges had been decided by machine studying.


A complete of 22 sufferers had been included, of whom 13 (59.1%) took methylprednisolone + pirfenidone and 9 (40.9%) took methylprednisolone solely. When evaluating the blood gasoline parameters and lung operate exams of the sufferers on the finish of the second month, it was discovered that the values ​​of FEV1, FEV1%, FVC and FVC% within the methylprednisolone + pirfenidone group had been statistically considerably greater in comparison with the methylprednisolone group (p = zero.025, p = zero.012, p = zero.026 and p = zero.017). When inspecting the charges of change in CT scans at analysis and within the second month of remedy, it was discovered that the participation charges within the methylprednisolone + pirfenidone group had been statistically considerably lowered (p


Antifibrotic brokers can cut back the fibrosis which will develop sooner or later. These can even contribute to the dose discount and / or technique of non-use for methylprednisolone remedy, which has many uncomfortable side effects. It will require additional giant sequence and randomized managed trials.

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