Growth hacking real talk, RPA market slowdown, AI and IP • TechCrunch

[ad_1] I dislike using the phrase “growth hacking” to describe the work required to fine-tune marketing campaigns and systems. In truth, successful marketers iterate constantly, measuring and testing their efforts to minimize waste and maximize ROI. Finding new ways to get people into a sales funnel isn’t like using a pair of sunglasses for a … Read more

Salesforce steps into RPA buying Servicetrace and teaming it with MuleSoft – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Over the last couple of years, robotic process automation or RPA has been red hot with tons of investor activity and M&A from companies like SAP, IBM and ServiceNow. UIPath had a major IPO in April and has a market cap over $30 billion. I wondered when Salesforce would get involved and today the … Read more

Microsoft acquires process mining vendor Minit to grow its automation offerings – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Signaling its ambitions in the process automation market, Microsoft has acquired Minit, a Bratislava, Slovakia-originated process mining technology vendor, for an undisclosed sum, the companies announced today. Microsoft says that the purchase will “further empower” it to “help … customers digitally transform” by creating a more complete picture of their processes — and identifying … Read more

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