How artificial intelligence exploded over the past decade

[ad_1] Artificial intelligence is getting cheaper, better at the tasks we assign it, and more widespread—but concerns about bias, ethics, and regulatory oversight still remain. At a time when AI is becoming accessible to everyone, Stanford University put together a sweeping 2022 report analyzing the ins and outs of the growing field. Here are some … Read more

How process mining is driving conformance

[ad_1] Philippa Sides, head of lean process at Saint Gobain, shares one of her greatest successes in process mining and offers advice for any practitioners to get started with their own mining initiatives, ahead of her session at PEX Live: Process Mining 2022. PEX Network: What has been your experience with transforming business processes through … Read more

Blue Prism survey reveals untapped opportunities of RPA

[ad_1] SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 21 February 2022 – Blue Prism® (AIM: PRSM), a global leader in intelligent automation, today released findings from its survey report titled “RPA In The APAC Financial Services Sector.” While there is growing momentum in automation efforts by organizations across Asia Pacific (APAC), the report reveals significant disparity of … Read more

Process mining can bring true transparency to business

[ad_1] Nadeem Malik, head of UK and Ireland at Software AG, discusses the transparency that process mining can bring to business management Process mining can help businesses to better manage change. There is a growing – and well-founded – evangelism for operational excellence. Much like cycling’s Team Sky and its now famous ‘marginal gains’ approach, … Read more

Smart CCTV using artificial intelligence should be used to spot terrorists, report says

[ad_1] Smart CCTV using artificial intelligence should be used to spot terrorists in public places, counter-terrorism review says The artificially intelligent CCTV cameras could flag up suspicious behavior Yesterday it emerged Network Rail has explored using the cutting-edge tech An official counter-terrorism report said the cameras should be deployed widely In train stations, the cameras … Read more

Singapore’s financial services sector is ranked last in RPA adoption, behind Malaysia and Hong Kong

[ad_1] Australia is ranked first with 78% of companies in the financial services sector adopting robotic process automation (RPA). It is followed by India with 49%, and Hong Kong and Malaysia with 47% and 44% respectively. Meanwhile, Singapore is at 28%. Between Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, and Australia, Singapore is ranked last with the … Read more

Robert J. Marks: Zeroing In on What AI Can and Can’t Do

[ad_1] What makes mankind special? And what does it mean to flourish on the frontier of a technological future? In a recent podcast, “What Does It Mean to Be Human in an Age of Artificial Intelligence?”, Walter Bradley Center director Robert J. Marks discusses what artificial intelligence can and can’t do and its ethical implications … Read more

IBM Positioned as the Leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix for Process Mining by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions | News

[ad_1] MIDDLETON, Mass., March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced today that it has named IBM as a 2021 technology leader in the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global process mining market. The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. … Read more

Hyperspectral sensing and artificial intelligence pave new

[ad_1] Just how much carbon is in the soil? That’s a tough question to answer at large spatial scales, but understanding soil organic carbon at regional, national, or global scales could help scientists predict overall soil health, crop productivity, and even worldwide carbon cycles. Classically, researchers collect soil samples in the field and haul them … Read more

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Banking

[ad_1] By Muddu Sudhakar, CEO Aisera The banking industry isn’t known for the early adoption of new technology or for embracing new tech in general. But, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation, Banking has adopted a leadership role in technological innovation. It’s no secret the industry is transforming and two interconnected technologies, cloud … Read more

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